Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just say no

Admit it, at some point in your life, you've at least caught a part of an American Idol episode where an embarrassingly awful singer performs and then acts TOTALLY shocked at the bad review.

The question, always, in my mind is "Why didn't someone TELL them?" Not a single loved one was willing to try and stop them from being humiliated on American Idol? I've always thought this was the ultimate example of family or friends failing to do a little admonishing for the sake of someone they cared about.

Then Megan H. sent me this product which she discovered in the grocery store...

...and I was corrected.

Then again, that's what ADmonishments is here for. To say NO when others aren't strong enough. ADmonishments is like the Simon Cowell of signs and ads.

...no, Anti Monkey Butt. No.
(you have to read that with a British accent)

yeah, it's real.

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