Thursday, January 22, 2009

Because waking up with night sweats isn't bad enough...

This ADmonishment is also a product...monishment.

While traveling during the holiday season, I happened to browse the the SkyMall catalog. Truly, that magazine is full of fodder for this blog but there is one in particular that stood out.
It's a product for women who suffer from night sweats.

As I read the product, I thought - what an ingenious idea! You wear it on your wrist and when it senses perspiration, it activates.

Now, like me, you're probably thinking "Activate? Oh, it gets cold and cools your body down?"

Oh no, my friends...

It's an ALARM.

So, in case you didn't know you were overheating, this baby will be sure to wake you up and allow you enjoy it full technicolor. And that's it. Once it wakes you up by buzzing and beeping, it's job is done.

I think they should make a whole series of these:

The PMS alarm: Are you feeling crabby and bloated? Let this alarm remind you!
The Stomach Flu Alarm: About to throw up? This buzzing and beeping will be sure to let you know!
The Death Alarm: Don't miss your last moments!

Ahhh, thanks SkyMall. You should think about making one to remind guys when they're about to buy their lady the worst present ever.

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