Saturday, January 10, 2009

Signage Saturday

The great thing about informational signs is that you have express an entire concept in one, quick image. Sounds easy, right? But how would YOU express the sentiment Danger! Crocodiles could eat you! or Hold on tight! in just one picture? Many have tried, my friend - resulting in a lot of hilarious signs.

Which is why ADmonishments is instituting "Signage Saturday" - each a week, a tribute at a great attempt to express whole concepts in one, hilarious picture and a chance for you to interpret it.

For our first entry, I couldn't decide between two signs. So...I didn't.

What's are these signs saying? Send in your best (= funniest) guess to or leave a comment in this entry.
And while you're at it, be sure to submit your favorite sign for Signage Saturday


  1. Love your blog! Can you interpret the first sign for me? So far I get "Chubby people smile when they swim in the rain."

  2. I'll take a stab at the first one. "Beakless penguins are happy despite global warming melting all the ice in Antartica" Or, "Mr. Peanut loses his monocle, top hat and cane while swimming in the rain but is still happy"

    The funniest sign I ever saw was in a bathroom at a Stucky's on route 55 around central Illinois. I'll describe it because I am not traveling south to take a pic. On the cloth loop towel dispenser, was a warning picture showing a stick figure accidentally hanging themselves in the towel loop. Complete with X's where there eyes should be indicating a dead stick figure with the universal red NO symbol over it. The towel dispenser was mounted at about 3'off the ground... Always wondered what lawsuit came up to cause that sign to be made. Of course this is Illinois, lawsuit capital of the world. (Think hot coffee from McD's)

    Thanks AJ - JoJo

  3. The first sign is one of the oldest surviving signs in existence. I'm pretty sure the sign says "LISTEN TO NOAH".

    The second sign's meaning is obvious..."DO NOT USE HEAVY EQUIPMENT ON A LESS THAN SIGN."